Will the Short Sale Cost Me Anything?

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Our real estate fees will cost you absolutely nothing. Our fees of negotiating your short sale and getting your home sold will be paid out of your lenders pocket. We typically can negotiate to have any past mortgage payments to be eliminated, and negotiate to have the lender pay for all the costs associated with selling the home. Also any past property taxes and possibly any past HOA dues outstanding, allowing you to have to pay nothing out of pocket. We have even negotiated to have the lender pay for repairs on the home as well as buyers closing costs, but it is subject to each lender and their guidelines. There have been recent changes however from some lenders in what they will and will not pay for, and one of the most costly is past HOA dues. Each situation is completely dependent on which lender you have and your personal scenario. Be sure to get your free consultation to find out what your lender will and will not pay for.