Extensive Short Sale Experience | Reviews and Testimonials

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It has already been said in other reviews, but we found ourselves in a place where we needed to sell our condo that we had bought during the height of the market. We wanted to work with someone who had extensive experience in the short sale process. We found that expertise in Kurt Wannebo, Felicia Jerbasi and the entire team at San Diego Real Estate & Investment (SDREAI).

Before you contact them for an appointment regarding a short sale, do yourself a favor and watch all of the videos Kurt has put together on their website (http://sdreai.com/shor...).

Those videos will give you a great little education, and prepare for your one-on-one FREE (no obligation) consultation with Kurt. And this isn't a 5 minute consultation, it was in depth and productive. After we decided to proceed with the sale and to work with the SDREAI team, we filled out paper work, and then had another in depth conversation to review everything. Kurt emailed us to say that with in 24 hours one of his associates would contact us...this was around 4:30 in the afternoon, so we didn't expect to here from anyone until the next day. Felicia Jerbasi contacted us less than 2 hours later. This was just the first in a long series of events where we were astounded at the level of customer service and dedication demonstrated by Felicia, and the entire team at SDREAI.

Felicia was amazing through this entire process. She is knowledgeable about short sales and working with multiple lenders. When we first met her, she came to take pictures of our condo. She listened to us, to our concerns, and gave us an outline of the process. She researched the comps for our area and accurately assessed a value for our place. We had 3 offers in the first week. This was awesome for us, as we knew short sales can be anything but short (in time), and the sooner we got an offer the sooner we could start negotiations with the banks.

Felicia has an impeccable work ethic. She is devoted to delivering and providing the best service she can. I can't tell you how many times she has answered emails late at night or at the crack of dawn. This woman knows how to communicate, and we never had to track her down for anything. She was always available to us, to our questions, and even a little hand holding every now and then...a short sale can be a really unnerving experience because there is so much uncertainty. But Felicia was always the consummate professional.

The total time it took for our short sale was roughly 4 months, start to finish. Amazing. We have several friends (and maybe you do, too) who have tried to sell via a short sale, and after a year or more, they are still in limbo...or worse they have lost their homes in foreclosure. We feel extremely fortunate and grateful that our sale was resolved so quickly. We attribute this directly to the expertise, dedication, follow-through and relationships with many lenders that the SDREAI team has. We could not have done this without the efforts of Felicia Jerbasi. We owe her our deepest gratitude.

Another thing; we didn't pay a thing for this. Do some research, go to http://www.makinghomea.... You'll find that if you are doing a short sale, that it should not cost you anything. Beyond that, you should also know that because of the market...the price on our condo had tanked. This was not a big money maker commission wise for SDREAI. But that didn't affect their level of professionalism or dedication to doing their best for us.

One more special thank you goes to Becky Bensussen, executive assistant extraordinaire. Becky is proof that there is a TEAM of people working for you at SDREAI. She helped with a lot of the behind the scenes details, sending disclosures to us, following up on paper work we needed to turn in...and all 'round taking care of us.

We recommend Kurt Wannebo, Felicia Jerbasi and the entire SDREAI team to both family and friends. They have freed us from a nightmare that far too many Americans are facing in this economy.

- Suzy K.