Why REALLY does your water heater have to be braced? | Blog

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How does bracing your water heater protect you during an earthquake?

Ever wonder why you need to have your water heater braced and strapped? Most people think it is a safety matter and most homeowners ensure it is done as it is required when they are selling their home.  If your tall, heavy water heater is not securely anchored and it falls over in an earthquake it could cause bodily harm to someone or damage something. But that is only half of the potential problem.

What is less obvious to most people is that there could be much more serious repercussions. Water heater movement during an earthquake can cause damage to gas lines, water lines, and electrical wiring, which may result in fire, explosion, and electrocution, or worse.

You can easily ensure you water heater is securely strapped and braced - and always best to check with a plumber or HVAC professional to make sure it is done properly.  If you need a referral to a professional plumber or HVAC tech to do so let me know!