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Finding a Home in San Diego, the City with the World’s Best Weather

So you’re moving to San Diego. Congrats! You’re moving to the city with the world’s best weather! Even if you’re only starting to consider your move to California’s second biggest city, you have a lot to be excited about. From the many vibrant neighborhoods to the booming housing market, San Diego has everything you could want in a city.

San Diego Neighborhoods

When searching for your next home, choosing a neighborhood is a great place to start. No matter what you look for in a neighborhood, you’ll find it in one—or maybe a few—of San Diego’s many eclectic regions. One end of town features beautiful houses with ocean views. At the opposite end, your backyard can be nestled in the La Mesa foothills. And in between, you’ll find, well, everything in between.

But don’t only rely on your proximity to the Pacific or the many other spectacular sites when choosing your neighborhood. Consider the following factors too.

San Diego School Districts

Your school district affects a lot more than just your children’s education. School districts are closely tied to the local tax code and property value. When it comes to San Diego, there’s good news. The sun shines equally on all of the county’s excellent school districts!

Find out more about San Diego County school districts here:

San Diego Public Transit

Let’s be honest, driving can get boring and, with rising gas prices, expensive. If you let someone else take the wheel you can enjoy the beautiful views along your entire commute.

Plan your route here on any of San Diego’s 4 public transit systems:

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System bus routes

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System trolley routes

North County Transit District COASTER route

North County Transit District BREEZE bus routes

Other San Diego Resources

Depending on your particular needs, the location of your next home might be ideal based on these city resources:

  • Hospitals
  • Parks
  • Libraries
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Petco Park (Yes, the Padres are a resource!)

Choosing Your Future Home

After you decide where to live, it’s time to look for the house that will become your home. Here are some tips on finding an ideal house for the world’s best weather.

Floor Plan

If you like your home to stay cool, the right floor plan will help. Look for homes with big, open spaces. Find a house with one of its longer sides facing the direction that the cool ocean breeze comes from. It will promote passive cooling, cooling without air conditioning. Large windows and doors on the windward side will also help you stay naturally cool.

Want your home to stay nice and toasty? It’s still smart to pay attention to the floor plan. A floor plan that prevents wind from blowing heat out windows and doors will keep you comfortable. Large exterior walls facing east can help heat the space inside.


Maybe you don’t call it the porch. Perhaps it’s the terrace, the lanai, or the veranda. However you refer to it, it’s a home feature you’ll definitely want thanks to San Diego’s year-round mild and sunny weather. (We experience 54 more mostly-sunny days per year than the national average.) With weather like that, do you want to be stuck inside all the time?


Keeping with the theme of getting outdoors while staying at home, let’s talk about the all-important yard. Whether it’s you, your family, or your pets that need fresh air, a yard will help your house feel much more like it’s your space. It gives you room to decorate, plant a garden, and stretch your legs when you need. A nice yard can also majorly boost your home’s property value. Think of it this way, without a nice yard, where are you going to put the pool?

Building materials

The materials used to build your home have a big impact on how San Diego’s excellent weather will affect it. Brick and masonry work particularly well in warm climates. Clad either of those materials with stucco or wood, and you’ll discover more benefits. Reflective materials and lighter color exteriors do a better job of reflecting the sun’s heat.