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Having watched my neighbors  home recently almost burn down in the middle of the night made me think what can I do to ensure my place is fire safe? Batteries replaced in all my smoke detectors - that was a given.  After talking to another neighbor watching the fire burn she told me her friends house had a fire that started IN their fireplace chimney because it turned out it was never cleaned and the fire came into the house.  That was enough for me to get my chimney cleaned!

Why is Chimney Sweeping necessary?

Creosote is a byproduct of fire, and will build up inside of the chimney no matter what type of fuel that you burn. Since creosote is flammable, as its building up the risk of it catching fire increases every time the fireplace is used. The primary purpose of sweeping the chimney is to remove as much of the flammable creosote as possible and as a result minimize the possibility of having a dangerous chimney fire.

* To reduce the risk of a chimney fire

* to remove acidic buildup that is damaging to a chimney

* To allow for proper evaluation of chimney condition

* To assist in removing noxious odors

* to improve chimney draw

Check of the great local San Diego company Swede Chimney Sweep I used for minimal cost to feel safe making fires this winter, the owner Rick was professional, efficient, clean, easy and quick - read more on his website for more details.