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Are you paying upwards of $1500-$2000 a month in rent?  Have good credit and some savings in the bank? You may be able to qualify for an FHA loan with as little as 3.5% down to purchase your first home.  Why throw away rent money -Rates are at a historic low and prices in San Diego can have you in a home you thought you could never afford. 

For example a house that costs you 300k -  with 3.5% down ( FHA) at today's rates could have you with a mortgage payment of just $1468 - That is unbeatable! Why rent when you can be on your way to putting your hard earned savings into a piece of real estate!

Call me today to discuss your options - better to find out now before rates and prices in San Diego are back on the rise!

If you have equity in your home and have been thinking you need a bigger house than you are what I would consider a "move up" buyer.  People sitting on equity in their home who are thinking its time for a bigger home, maybe your family has grown and you have outgrown your house or are looking for a new school district as your kids are getting older - if this describes you than this is the IDEAL Real Estate Market in San Diego for you to buy and sell! Rates are STILL at a historic low - 30 year fixed mortgage at 4.25%!  If you have enough equity in your house maybe you can just refinance it and keep it as an investment property with these rates.  There are good deals to be had in this market - inventory from August to September is vey slow to move that means the potential to get a "good deal" is there. 

This is the PERFECT time to talk to a Realtor.

FHA and Conforming loan limits will drop dramatically on September 30.  What does this mean to you as a buyer? I believe it means if you have been on the fence about buying now is the time. Inventory is up and rates are still at a historic low, and soon with these loan limit changes many buyers may be unable to purhcase the home they desire.

Do you know what you currently quailfy for? This is the first step, to speak with a mortgage professional who can pre-approve you for a home mortgage today. Don't miss out on today's rates and the increasing inventory in San Diego - this is the perfect storm to buy buy buy!

Testing this out.  here's some changes I've made here.

Looking to buy a short sale and having difficulty getting your offers accepted?

This is something I hear every day from buyers I talk to.

As an experienced short sale listing agent that has listed and negotiated over 70 + short sale listings in the past couple of years I have found that it is this experience that can truly help the buyers I work with get their offers accepted.

I hear over and over from buyers that they have written multiple offers in the past few months only to find themselves still looking to buy a home. Frustrated and wanting to take advantage of low interest rates and declining prices but getting nowhere fast – what is a buyer to do? It is these buyers who should realize it may be time to find an agent who has experience on both sides in the unfamiliar market of short sales.